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Why Solana (SOL) and Near (NEAR) holders are buying more Golteum (GLTM) tokens

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As we gear up to close the 2022 trading year, many investors are scampering for worthy investments that guarantee high returns with less risk. 

Due to the high volatility of many cryptocurrencies, investors are increasingly looking for stable investment opportunities with assured returns. This has led to a decrease in investment in highly volatile projects. Instead, investors are seeking out cryptocurrencies that offer more stability and predictability.

With prospects of what will come in 2023, NEAR and SOL are good ways to spread risk. It is however key to note that while NEAR and SOL’s value has declined recently, GLTM has remained relatively stable. 

This, combined with its impressive  350% growth in a short period of time, has made it an attractive option for investors looking to hold other tokens in addition to NEAR and SOL. 

Here is why GLTM is worth considering. 

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A savior for your SOL?

The consistent decline in SOL’s value has made it a challenging year for its holders. On a year-to-date basis, its value has dropped by 92%. 

The decline in SOL’s price has been further aggravated by the series of prolonged outages the Solana network has logged this year. So far this year, the network has been down on five different occasions. 

In addition, in the last month, Solana’s ties with the now-disgraced founder Sam Bankman-Fried contributed to a further decline in SOL’s price. In the wake of FTX’s decline, SOL’s value nosedived by over 41% in just seven days.

At the time of writing, it traded at $13.00 and was 95% away from its all-time high.

NEAR the bottom?

In the coming year, the Near protocol has a lineup of significant upgrades to the network. This, however, has failed to re-ignite investors’ dwindling interest in its native token NEAR. 

One of the upgrades to the NEAR protocol includes meta-transactions which will allow third parties to pay for the transaction cost of any account. This means users can be onboarded on NEAR without getting NEAR tokens first.

Other upgrades set to be implemented on the Near protocol to make user onboarding easy and capable of driving up the value of the NEAR token are the zero-balance account and the Secp256r1 keys. 

However, it remains to be seen in the new year whether these updates will drive up NEAR’s value which remains 92% down from its all-time high.

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Experience changes the Golteum way

Golteum’s GLTM could be an excellent option for those seeking refuge from increasingly volatile cryptocurrency assets.

Golteum is powered by its GLTM token, which offers its holders various exclusive benefits, and is a must-have for crypto enthusiasts looking to see rewards on their investments in 2023. 

In case you were wondering what Golteum was, it is described as the world’s first 100% asset-backed NFT marketplace. However, not just backed by any asset, Golteum’s NFT marketplace is backed by gold. The idea was born out of Golteum’s vision to revolutionize the gold industry by providing Web3 access to the world’s oldest reserve currency and in order to achieve that Golteum has officially teamed up with Fireblocks. To support their mission in launching a top-tier trading platform, they’ve chosen to integrate the Fireblocks Web3 Engine. This includes custody services, treasury management, risk mitigation tools, and their highly anticipated tokenization mechanism for the handling of all gold NFTs.

With Golteum, all kinds of traders can buy, sell and trade gold-backed NFTs on its platform either in fractions or in whole.

As regards the platform’s GLTM token, it has seen success since its private sale. Between its private sale and the conclusion of the first round of the pre-sale phase, GLTM’s value went up by 85%, and analysts have predicted that holders might see up to 300%+ by the conclusion of the presale period. 

The success recorded so far by the GLTM token is due to the wide range of holders exclusive benefits it gives its holders and the assurance that the security of the token offers.

Find out more about the Golteum presale



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