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Christodoulides says he is ready to take over government

Christodoulides addressing supporters on Monday night

Polarisation can only do harm, independent presidential candidate Nikos Christodoulides said on Monday evening after addressing supporters in Paralimni.

During the final district gathering of his supporters in Famagusta, Christodoulides declared himself fully ready to take over the government.

He said he was ready “to lead a strong team that will bring hope and perspective to the entire Cypriot people, for us and our children, without discrimination and divisions, regardless of our salary or where we live geographically.

“We are opening a new page in the history of our country with a proposal that includes everyone,” Christodoulides said, referring to his proposal for the establishment of a government of broad social acceptance.

“Those who disagree with us are not our enemies, they are not our rivals,” he added, noting that “our country is experiencing difficult situations.

“We are at a political, economic and social crossroads, at a local and international level,” he added. “We don’t have the luxury of discord, we don’t have the luxury of separation,” he said, adding that “polarisation can only do harm”.

Regarding the course of the pre-election campaign, the presidential candidate thanked “each and every one” of his supporters for the strength they have given him “to continue unscathed even in the most unpleasant moments of the pre-election campaign”.

The statement also said that Christodoulides appealed for mass participation in the February 5 elections, saying that “complacency is not justified, and no vote must be left unused, so that we can be able to do what we have promised, to create hope and perspective in the whole of the Cypriot people”.

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