A 45-year-old permanent resident of the island suspected of the premeditated murder of another man was on Sunday remanded in police custody for eight days by the Paphos district court.

Police said more statements need to be taken and the car used by the 45-year-old in the attack needs to be officially identified.

The court heard that around 1.30 on Saturday morning the 58-year-old victim died in a traffic accident on the Tombs of the Kings road, in which the 45-year-old appears to have deliberately driven into the victim who was on a moped, dragging him 70m along the road in the process.

The moped was being driven by Ioannis Polycarpou, 58, a chef and resident of Paphos, when under circumstances still under investigation it was hit by the 45-year-old’s car, who subsequently fled the scene.

Polycarpou was taken by ambulance to Paphos general hospital, where doctors certified his death.

During police investigations evidence was given putting the 45-year-old as the driver of the car.

CCTV footage from the area also needs to be examined as well as the car of the suspect an the victim’s motorbike.

Police also told the court that the suspect denies any involvement in the incident.

Meanwhile, a full autopsy on the victim will be carried out on Monday.

According to police inquiries, the victim and the suspect were earlier in the evening involved in a heated argument in a Paphos nightspot, which other patrons intervened in and put to a stop.

At around 7.35 on Saturday morning the 45-year-old was spotted by members of the CID driving his car and was stopped by them.

The car had damages to the front part that had been sprayed over.

The 45-year-old was given a narcotest which came out as positive.

He was taken to a police station where he was arrested for the premeditated murder of Polycarpou on the basis of a court order.

Police said the two men had argued in the past.