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Restaurant review: Enigma, Larnaca


I remember the days when some people would laugh knowing I lived in Larnaca saying ‘it’s only good for the airport!’ I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is now far from the truth. The town is up and coming with new hotspots, restaurants, quality hotels, nightlife and of course, an upgraded airport!

One of the more modern, chic hotels in the Makenzy area is home to the Enigma restaurant. While the name suggests something baffling and difficult to understand, I’ll try my best to explain what it’s all about!

Keeping in line with the hotel it is housed in, the Enigma has a very modern design. The entrance looks classy, the word Enigma lit up with a subtle purple colour. The décor is mostly black but the contrast between the black, the artwork and bright flowers makes that pop of colour really stand out.

Walking in we were greeted by a very welcoming hostess who led us to our table, handed us the menus and made us feel comfortable from the off.

The menu wasn’t that long but the choice of food within each category all sounded so good that it ended up being difficult to whittle it down to one! Crispy duck salad, rack of lamb, beef Diane pasta and orzo prawns all stood out and made it in on to my shortlist but I have a soft spot for a good rib-eye and that had to be the one I went for. Compared to the other dishes it was a little pricey but, for a modern hotel restaurant, very reasonably priced if compared to other steakhouses, especially for the weight!

rest2Being in a modern, classy setting, we also perused the cocktail menu. We were expecting the prices of the cocktails to be north of pricey but again, were pleasantly surprised they were in line with other cocktail bars. All the classics were there: Hugo, Daiquiri, Margarita and Cosmopolitan. The Mojito, however, had its own section because they make their own variations! The signature cocktails were tempting but we went with the Hugo and an Aperol Spritz… to start with!

Not long after our very well made cocktails were brought to us, the steak arrived. It was served on a large black slate, already sliced so that we could see that it had been cooked exactly how it was ordered. The creamy potato on the side was beautifully presented. After marvelling over the size of this steak and the spectacular presentation (all of 3 seconds), I enthusiastically picked up my cutlery to dig in. The combination of a good steak knife and the perfectly cooked steak meant that I cut through it effortlessly. There is no other way to describe this steak than juicy, tender and mouth-watering. Every bite was just as good as the next. It would have been so easy to just gobble it all up but I took a pause with each mouthful just to appreciate how good it was. The selection of sauces on the side were also extremely tasty but I used them sparingly because I didn’t want them to overpower the flavour of the steak. I must also mention that the creamy mashed potato was smooth and flavoursome, and one of the sauces paired up with it extremely well, sort of like a posh version of mash and gravy!

Enigma also has a brunch menu served between 10.30am and 3pm so, if you’re visiting during the day you have the added options of dishes such as a full English, omelette and American pancakes.

The overall quality of the food, the outstanding service and the extremely reasonable prices mean that I will most definitely be going back. My only dilemma would be, do I taste one of the other dishes or will I again have the rib-eye?



SPECIALTY International

WHERE Enigma, 70 Tasou Mitsopoulou (156 Piale Pasia) Avenue, Mackenzie, Larnaca

WHEN 7am-12am

CONTACT 24 634001

HOW MUCH €11-€35. Cocktails €8-€11

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