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President should feel no ‘humble pride’

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The incumbent president of Cyprus was recently in London for a diaspora event which also celebrated 60 years of the establishment of the RoC.

In his speech he said he feels ‘satisfaction and humble pride’ for the state in which he leaves the country, and describes safeguarding the country as a pillar of stability and peace.

Hang on is this man for real, are we talking about the same Cyprus?

It would seem he has a selective memory. Has he forgotten the fiasco of the banking crisis, the embarrassment of the golden passports, the investigation into his law firm for money laundering etc, etc. And let’s mention the Cyprus problem, what exactly has he done about that? Absolutely nothing. He also wants us to believe that his personal wealth as declared in 20/21 (Cyprus Mail, September 21), is a net worth of €266,000. Really, we’re supposed to believe that?

Before this man became president with his ranting speeches I never thought he would make top spot, but he did, which has been unfortunate for the country and many of its inhabitants.

As a refugee l cannot see a solution to the current state of the division of the country in my lifetime for many reasons. As a population we are not united, and sad as it is to say there are many Cypriots both Greek and Turkish citizens and politicians who prefer things the way they are, and dare I say have no desire for change.

D Flourentzou, Famagusta

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