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Large chunk of Paphos statue recovered

bronze statue girl with the hula hoop
Bronze statue: girl with the hula hoop

The biggest chunk of the stolen bronze statue has been uncovered in a rural area of Tremithousa.

The recovered piece includes torso, the head and one hand of the ‘girl with hula hoop’, which was cut loose from a public space in Paphos.

The theft of the statue, valued at €10,000, was stolen on January 28 and led to the arrest of four people – three men and a woman – while another suspect is still being sought.

It is understood that the suspects had sold other parts for scrap metal, for as little as €85.

A police spokesman said the case will be heard in court on February 17.

It was previously reported that CCTV footage showed the statue being hauled away and a motorcycle in the area coming and going as if on the lookout.

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