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The gruesome reality of Cyprus highways

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I would very much appreciate it if you could help bring attention to the gruesome reality of Cyprus highways.

As a regular commuter to the city, I use the highway that connects Limassol suburbs to the central districts of the city on a daily basis. Despite the fact that many residential areas like Ypsonas or Erimi are situated very close to the highway, it remains unprotected

by barriers, which puts the lives of both humans and animals in danger. Unfortunately, this lack of protection has resulted in numerous stray cats and dogs wandering onto the busy roads and getting hit by cars. Besides this, nothing is more blood-curdling than switching to the verge of the road at 100 km/h to avoid collision with an animal.

It is heart-wrenching to see the results of these accidents, with some animals being run over and leaving the road covered in blood, while others lay motionless on the side of the road for days. However, the road transport department, responsible for the safety of the highway, has done little to nothing to keep the animals away from the road, nor do they provide assistance in clearing the roads of the animal corpses. Consequently, the sight of such accidents is becoming all too common and has significant negative impacts on mental health.

The constant exposure to such distressing images can lead to long-term trauma and mental health issues, which can result in costly therapy bills for many of us. Meanwhile, instead of prioritising the safety of animals and humans, the government is investing thousands of dollars in installing expensive cameras to turn the police into a for-profit organisation.

In conclusion, the government must act and take responsibility for the safety of animals on the highways. Installing barriers to prevent stray animals from wandering onto the busy roads is crucial to avoid any more senseless deaths. It is time for the government to prioritise animal welfare and invest in the safety of our roads for all. We cannot continue to ignore this problem and must take action before any more innocent lives are lost.


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