As the first month of spring, March brings with it a new array of cultural performances. The agenda at Rialto Theatre will have something for all tastes and genres whether you like flamenco, Greek theatre, French jazz classics or even cinema and psychoanalysis.

A poignant play written by Greek humourist and playwright Dimitris Psathas, The Voracious, will open March’s agenda at the Limassol Theatre. The play, presented on March 1, encapsulates one of the fiercer passions of human nature, greed. Set in the 60s yet approached in a contemporary way, with subtle references to the current-day sociopolitical reality, the performance highlights the relevance of the play to the modern world, while satirising the passions of human nature, the power of money and the thirst of the human being for power. Driven by humour, smart dialogue and the play’s familiar and high-spirited characters, The Voracious reflects on modern society and man’s moral decay.

The following evening will change gears and highlight classical music, and more specifically French romanticism. As the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra presents its Premiere 3 concert series it invites on stage the Lithuanian cellist Robertas Grod to perform with orchestra musicians under the direction of Yiorgos Kountouris. Their Limassol concert on March 2 falls right in between two other performances in Nicosia and Larnaca.

On March 4, Greek musicians Christos Thiveos and Panagiotis Margaris will meet on Rialto’s stage to tell their lyrical stories in their own unique way. Thiveos’ distinctive voice will intertwine with Margaris’ virtuosity, presenting an inventive programme that stirs powerful emotions.

A few days later and Anemona Theatre will present its production of The Picture of Dorian Gray, adapted into Greek. The performance celebrates the theatre company’s 20th anniversary and returns to the stage 17 years after the first time Anemona Theatre presented the play. Oscar Wilde’s well-known piece of work will hit the Rialto stage on March 7 with Andreas Tilemachou in the leading role, direction and set design, joined by another six actors who bring Wilde’s thought-provoking story to life.

seven brothersMarch 9 will present the documentary Seven Brothers Are Waiting which illustrates the life of Kyriakos Frantzis, a 1974 missing person, through the eyes of his brothers and fellow soldiers who remember the last day he was seen. The film describes Kyriakos and his family’s daily life in Pelendri village, up to the last time he was seen when his unit was forced to retreat from Pachyammos, Kyrenia. Through a human gaze, the documentary attempts to shed light on Kyriakos’ existence, as well as on the suffering of his loved ones. Despite drawing inspiration from Kyriakos Frantzis, the film also highlights the common suffering of the families of missing persons across Cyprus.

Then on March 9, the musicians of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra will return to Rialto for the Starlight 4-Great Performers. Along with the Orchestra’s artistic director Günter Neuhold, the concert will welcome renowned violinist Liviu Prunaru to the stage to present late romantic masterpieces.

Another seven local productions are planned to be presented at Rialto in March, featuring the work of acclaimed Greek and Cypriot actors, musicians, artists, dancers and film lovers.

March at Rialto

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