Police on Thursday arrested two people in Limassol, a woman aged 54 and a man aged 19, in connection with a case of housebreaking and theft, unlawful possession of property, and conspiracy to commit a felony that took place on Tuesday.

During a search of the woman’s residence, police officers found jewellery items that were reported as missing following a burglary, during which several earrings, bracelets and rings were stolen.

After investigations carried out at various pawn shops in town, police officers found out that the woman tried to sell some stolen items immediately after the burglary. A court warrant was issued against her and she was taken into custody.

Further investigations at her house revealed the presence of several other pieces of jewellery, as well as watches, mobile phones and laptops. When questioned, the woman could not explain their provenance.

Moreover, police found out that a 19-year-old man, a relative of the woman, helped her carry out the burglary. He was also arrested and the two are awaiting their remand.