The non-profit organisation TechIsland has previously rebuilt the Regional Primary School in Arakapas, which suffered from a terrible wildfire. The organisation has invested more than €200,000 in renovating the school.

TechIsland also contributed to the opening of a computer class with the help of Asbis, one of the board members of the company.

The supporting companies include Easybrain, Ecommbx, Ecommpay, FunCorp, Exness, Nexters, Palta,, TheSoul Publishing, WiseBits, BrainRocket and AITarget.

The school suffered greatly from the fire – part of the building was damaged, all the trees on the adjoining territory were burned, and the infrastructure for outdoor activities for children was destroyed. With the efforts of Techisland, the school has a new landscaped space with a park zone and a children’s playground.

In the park, among the green foliage, one can see the red trunks of trees that were not spared by the fire – it is a kind of memorial that reminds of the tragedy that happened.

On July 3 2021, a devastating forest fire tore through the community of Arakapas in the Troodos mountains, claiming four lives and causing the evacuation of up to ten villages. A wildfire affected 55 square kilometres of forest land. The blaze was visible from 65 kilometres away in the capital city of Nicosia. Due to strong winds, the flames spread quickly – in addition to the school, agricultural enterprises, and residential houses suffered – a total of more than 80 objects. The destruction it caused has been described as unprecedented.

“Bringing positive change to the world should be done without expecting anything in return. And I hope this is what we teach our children and the people around us,” Alexey Gubarev, investor and co-founder of Palta said. Alexey was behind the idea and execution on behalf of TechIsland.

In January 2023, a new computer classroom was opened at the school. As a result, children can learn informatics basics, use 3D printers, and help in other subjects. Arakapas school received 24 computers and three Prestigio Multiboardsin – interactive display boards with Windows 11 Pro embedded from IT equipment distributor Asbis.

“Social responsibility is in Asbis’s DNA. Therefore, we reacted immediately to this unfortunate event by participating with others in renovating the village’s elementary school with the latest technology infrastructure. With our Prestigio Multiboards and PCs, we hope to reduce the suffering of the students and their families and make them see the future as more promising and innovative,” said Lefkios Theodosiou, director at Asbis.

Techisland has donated €900,000 to combat the fire’s effects. In September 2021, the organisation also participated in the charity event “Become the Tree of Life – You” at Odou village, which aimed to motivate and revitalise the morale of the people affected by the wildfires.

In addition, with the aid of an amount of €320,000, Techisland has provided support to 54 students from fire-affected regions who are pursuing higher education. While simultaneously offering a sum of €50,000 to support fruit producers Vasiliki Gi organisation.