A 70-year-old man that tied a dog to the back of a vehicle and dragged it along a road is expected to be arrested and released, police said on Saturday, as he was due to appear at the police station.

According to police spokesman Christos Andreou, the case against the man will be filed in court on Monday.

The incident was posted on social media by the dog’s rescuer.

The woman that rescued the dog said that she stopped the vehicle, and that after her pleas the driver stopped, left the dog, and drove away.

According to the rescuer’s post on a social media page about lost and found pets, the male dog is now in good health.

The dog was checked by a vet and is set to be adopted in the coming days.

Speaking about the incident, Andreou said that it is being investigated, and that they will question the man and then release him, so that he can appear in court on Monday.

Police on Friday said that they examined the CCTV footage of the area, where the man is suspected of having tied and dragged the dog.