The education ministry said on Friday it was looking into a racist attack on a Congolese student at a gymnasium in Larnaca, where classmates threw schoolbags and a chair at him while a teacher nonchalantly walked by.

In a video released on social media, children at the Leivadia gymnasium are seen hurling racist insults at the boy and hitting him with their schoolbags and a trash can.

According to a report on Alpha, the boy, 14, was attacked after he would not get up from his seat for another boy, who demanded to sit where the 14-year-old was sitting.

Commenting on the incident, the head of the Congolese Association of Cyprus Ioule Totoro said that the boy was sitting outside on a chair and was then approached by another student who demanded to sit in the chair.

The 14-year-old victim of the attack said that he sat there first.

She added that then the other children told him: “Get out of here you black kid.”

Police were called to the scene, following the attack, but no complaint was filed by the boy’s family, and that those involved were only given suspensions.

Totoro said that the boy was taken to the police station following the attack, where his mother came to get him.

“The boy’s mother was crying a lot, and she told be that she wants to file a complaint. She [the mother] said it is dangerous if they [the students] do it again,” Totoro said.

The victim had scrapes on his head, and he was taken to hospital after.

Following the incident, the district school office was informed and a team including child psychologists, was formed to deal with the incident.

Commenting on Friday, the ministry said: “Clear instructions were given to the school unit on how to manage the incident, following the protocols for dealing with violence, delinquency, and racist behaviour in schools. At the same time, a thorough investigation is being conducted into the incident and educational measures are being taken for the benefit of the students.”