Oroklini police will begin an investigation to explore to what extent the slurs hurled at a 14-year-old student from Congo can be classed as racist.

Larnaca police chief Haris Hadjigiasemi was commenting on the contentious video on Saturday that made the rounds on social media. It showed school students from the Leivadia gymnasium throwing schoolbags and a chair at the boy, while a teacher nonchalantly walked by.

Speaking to CNA, Hadjigiasemi said “after the video was published that concerns violence, Oroklini police officers went to the school to explore the conditions of the incident.”

The boy’s mother was already at the school and police urged her to give a statement to police.

She did that on Saturday with the use of a translator where she told officer her son has been happy in Cyprus and does not have any problems.

She urged police to take action over the 15-year-old that instigated the attack. According to a report her son was attacked after he would not get up from his seat for another boy, who demanded the seat.

“According to the mother’s statement, she feels offended by what the students shouted at her child and she wants the case to be investigated, including whether what they said is classed as racist,” Hadjigiasemi added.

Police is set to begin taking statements and investigate the case, he said.

On Sunday, police will take a recorded video statement from the 14-year-old. Officers will also begin exploring whether criminal offences were carried out which involve racism.

At the same time, the education ministry has announced it has given instructions on how to manage the incident a conduct a “thorough investigation.”