Attorney-general Giorgos Savvides on Friday filed an appeal in connection with a sentence imposed for a triple fatal road traffic accident in May 2017 in Pano Polemidia.

Last month, the Limassol district court found a 32-year-old guilty of causing an accident that ended the lives of Andreas Yasemi, 32, Dimitris Savva, also 32, and Panayiotis Stefanou, 26.

He was handed a three-year jail sentence on March 15.

A statement from the AG’s office said: “The attorney-general today registered an appeal in relation to the inadequacy of the sentence for drug and alcohol driving offences, and to the fact that the offender committed similar crimes in the past.”

“The sentence imposed by the court should reflect the defendant’s overall conduct,” the statement added.

The triple fatality occurred a few minutes after 5am on May 27, 2017 after the accused driver ran the red light at the intersection of Synergatismos and Grigoris Afxentiou streets in Pano Polemidia, killing all three passengers instantly.

A few hours before causing the accident, he was involved in a fight, getting out of his car and beating on the face and head a taxi driver who honked at him.