Delivery drivers in Nicosia held a demonstration on Monday following the death of a moped rider last week.

The 26-year-old driver from Bangladesh was fatally hit while riding his scooter on the job last Thursday.

The demo was held outside the offices of Peo union.

A spokesman for the union said the protest was self-organised by the drivers but fully supported by Peo, as well as unions Sek and Deok.

The drivers are asking for their safety and security at work to be taken seriously and properly regulated and for delivery workers to be afforded dignity at work.

The protest comes as collective agreement negotiations are underway to determine the exact nature of the relationship between the drivers and the online platform operators who dispatch them.

Speaking at the protest, the general secretary of Peo’s hotel union, Neophytos Timinis said that the unions stand with the delivery drivers, and that they are in contact with the labour ministry to solve the issue.

Also commenting, the general secretary of Sek’s transport union, Charalambos Avgousti said that they discussed with the labour ministry at a meeting earlier in the day, about how they can accelerate creating collective agreements for the delivery drivers in Cyprus.

“We are here to support them and help them by any means possible, so that their work conditions become more humane,” he said.

A representative of the drivers, Amin, said in his statements that they gathered today, all together, from all platforms, to ask for help and protection regarding the conditions that lead to accidents at work.

Union representatives said they have requested more information on the circumstances of Thursday’s industrial accident, but also on the working conditions of the 26-year-old.

Late last year the drivers held a series of strikes over working conditions.