Main opposition Disy and junior party Diko agreed on Monday to inform the public on the basis of a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Earlier, the two parties’ leaders house speaker Annita Demetriou and Diko leader Nicholas Papadopoulos met at Diko offices and agreed discussed differences of their parties and cooperating on parliamentary matters.

Papadopoulos described the meeting and discussion with Demetriou as interesting and constructive, saying that they are different parties, and it is legitimate, expected, and respected that they have different political approaches on individual issues.

However, he noted that in the past Diko and Disy have cooperated effectively and productively for the good of the country and the people.

“Together we have taken difficult but necessary decisions on top issues, such as, for example, the achievement of the national goal of our country’s integration into the eurozone and the adoption of the euro, the exit of Cyprus from the memorandum, the stabilisation of the banking system and the upgrade of the Cypriot economy, which we achieved in previous years,” he said.

This cooperation was effective and productive regardless of whether Diko or Disy was in the opposition, he added.

He added that he is optimistic and certain that this productive cooperation will continue and must continue.

“Because the challenges we face in the problems of the economy, in immigration, in the upgrading of education infrastructure, in the improvement of the infrastructure of the National Health Scheme (Gesy) and in the effort to solve the national problem, which is the top issue are there and require our collaboration,” he said.

On her part, Demetriou said that as in the past the two parties will cooperate on the challenges facing Cyprus.

Regarding the Cyprus problem, Demetriou said that they both agreed that there is a need to inform the public about the entire process and approach.

The details of this joint initiative of theirs, she said, will be announced later, noting that there may be a response from others, and that they decide together how to proceed.

Papadopoulos stated that they agree with Disy’s initiative and believe that any discussion and information of public opinion on all aspects concerning the Cyprus issue is a move in the right direction. All parliamentary parties can contribute to informing international public opinion, he continued, especially in EU forums and institutions, where they can take action and inform the respective parliamentary groups they belong to.

Asked to comment on the government’s decision not to proceed with the candidacy of Cyprus for the General Secretariat of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the Diko leader said that contacts and efforts continue and expressed confidence that the government will announce the decisions and recommendations of the next few days.

“We are waiting for the government’s decision,” Demetriou said.

She added that Cyprus cannot support the candidacy of Turkey for the position of the Secretary General of the IMO due to Turkey’s positions on non-recognition of the Republic.

Disy’s proposal, she said, is a nomination from the Republic of Cyprus.

On Saturday, President Nikos Christodoulides said that the government would be throwing its hat in the race for a seat on the council of the IMO, as it had done in previous years.