A 56-year-old foreign national reported to the police that he had to be hospitalised after being beaten by his landlord and two others who entered the house while he was asleep.

The 52-year-old Greek Cypriot landlord has been arrested and was remanded for two days.

Reports indicate that unpaid rent was the cause of contention, with the tenant and landlord having previously come to the attention of the police.

In the latest incident, the 56-year-old reported that on Tuesday afternoon three hooded men broke into the house in Episkopi and began beating him, then causing various damage within the residence.

The complainant claimed, according to Phileleftheros, that during the attack one of the suspects spoke in a voice which he identified as being the landlord’s, with another attacker later allegedly calling on the group to leave – using the landlord’s name.

The suspect is now being investigated for breaking and entering and assault charges, despite having made various allegations himself.

The victim was kept in Limassol general hospital for treatment after having suffered various fractures and other wounds.