Two men were injured and several arrested after an assault involving a number of people in Nicosia on Friday.

Police said that they had received information about a fracas outside a building in Nicosia. When officers got there, they found two men aged 30 and 19 who had been injured but not seriously. They told police they had been set upon by a group of foreign nationals.

The younger man was taken by ambulance to A&E, treated and kept in for observation overnight.

While police were at the scene, they said, another man aged 26 had damaged a car. He was arrested.

Later on Friday at the police station as the 30-year-old victim was giving his statement, police brought in another man aged 18 who was attacked in the police station by the former who claimed the teen was one of those who attacked him during the fracas outside the apartment building.

In the end, the 18-year-old was arrested, while both the 30-year-old, who was also arrested for the attack at the police station, and the 26-year-old who damaged the car were charged and released.