Three people have been arrested after presenting forged or stolen travel documents as they attempted to depart the island, police said on Monday.

One person, a third-country national, was arrested during passport control at Larnaca airport on Sunday afternoon. The suspect planned to board a flight to a European country, but the identity card presented raised suspicions.

Police said the suspect was arrested after they admitted the document belonged to someone else.

On the same day, two persons arrived at the Paphos international airport with the plan to depart for a European country.

One of them, a 30-year-old man, presented a European passport during passport control which appeared to be fake and later admitted the document was forged. He also told investigators that he had entered the country illegally.

The second man, aged 29, presented an ID card from a European country which had been reported stolen in February 2023. He also admitted to his crime.