The political will to find solutions to problems in Paphos is there, Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades said on Tuesday during a tour of ongoing infrastructure projects in the district.

At the invitation of the Paphos branch of the chamber of commerce and industry (Keve), the minister visited the access road to Paphos airport from the Ezousa river and the coastal road running along Chlorakas, Lemba and Kissonerga as an extension of Tombs of the Kings Avenue.

Vafeades told reporters that Paphos is of great importance to the government, and thus these infrastructure projects offer a higher value and will eventually pay back the investment made for their construction many times over.

“We want these projects to be carried out correctly and with as few issues as possible,” he said.

The minister added that the purpose of his visit was to gain his own understanding of the areas affected by the changes in the road network, so that he can be in a better position to know what the challenges are, and how to assist in implementation.

The problems facing Paphos are real, Vafeades said, stressing that the transport ministry is willing to find solutions, always with the cooperation of local bodies.

Asked about issues with the construction of breakwaters, the transport minister said that they must have a certain function, and that if they do not, or even cause damage, this will need to be examined.

Vafeades said there was no news on the Paphos-Polis Chrysochous road, plans for a road from Stroumbi to Polis, or the implementation of four-lane traffic, but nevertheless the government intends to complete the project as soon as possible.

“The project is underway and cannot remain indefinitely in Phase A, it must continue,” he said, explaining that it is a huge expense, which is why it is being carried out in phases.

On the Kissonerga – Chlorakas – Lemba coastal road, the minister said that this is an important project which will not only upgrade the operation of the city and up visitors to archaeological sites, but will also be able to better serve the economy of Paphos.

“We are on track, we are in the final stages of having the opinion of the Environment department,” he said, head of the Paphos branch of Keve Giorgos Mais said.

“The transport ministry will therefore take over with the study and planning of the project so that it can be tendered and implemented,” he added.