Since 1976 I have been interested in Cyprus and travelled several times to this beautiful island since 1977, and recently also spent a few days in the north to get to know it better.

Being German, I know quite well the situation of a divided country and what it means to lose property, as our family’s textile factory was expropriated by the Russians in East Germany after World War II. After German reunification, we managed to get returned only my grandparents’ private holiday home east of Berlin, pursuant to a long administrative procedure. As for the lost textile factory, we received low compensation from the German government only after 25 years (!) of hard “legal fighting” by me, now a retired lawyer.

I really wish that the Cyprus problem will be solved as soon as possible and bring peace to the entire island.

Presently, I am reading the book by Marina Christofides “The Traitors Club”, of which I have been made aware in the Cyprus Mail article “Kyrenia property set to change hands again” (April 9, 2023), and which gives interesting insight into the complex history of the Cyprus problem.

On March 25 of this year, I watched the annual parade in Larnaca. It was nice to see the young people from universities and schools marching along.

But it really shocked me, when the group of soldiers came loudly and repeatedly shouting “Τούρκοι θα πεθάνατε” (You Turks will die) and  Θάνατος, Θάνατος, Θάνατος“ (Death, Death, Death) which I, speaking some Greek, could clearly hear.

I seriously doubt that this will create the necessary understanding and trust between both sides!


Dr. iur. Wolfgang Müller-Huschke, Erlangen, Germany