Police on Tuesday arrested a 41-year-old man caught driving with an alcohol content of about six times the legal limit, who was also involved in a road collision.

According to police, around 9.40pm the 41-year-old lost control of this vehicle on Psaron Street, in Paralimni, under circumstances being investigated. The car first crashed into the wooden fence of a house and then hit the fence of a second house before coming to a halt.

The 41-year-old was trapped in his vehicle as a result of the crash and the fire service was called to the scene to extricate him. He was taken by ambulance to Famagusta general hospital where he received first aid for minor injuries.

The man underwent an alcohol test, with a final reading of 123µg – the admissible limit is 22µg – resulting in his arrest. He was subsequently released from custody, to be summoned before court.

In Paphos, meanwhile, police booked two drivers found to be driving under the influence of drugs.

According to the Paphos police spokesman, at 1.40am on Wednesday police stopped a vehicle driven by a 33-year-old man on Bouboulinas Street who tested positive for a drug test.

In previous incident on Tuesday at 9.30 pm on Penelopis Delta Street, police stopped a vehicle driven by a 41-year-old who likewise tested positive for drugs. Additional samples in both cases were sent to the state laboratory.