If the UN Security Council witnesses further violations in Varosha there will be a corresponding response, British minster for Europe Leo Doherty said on Sunday.

In an interview with Kathemerini, the minister added that everyone must understand, at the same time, that the Cyprus problem is not going to be solved by sanctions, declarations or resolutions and that the United Kingdom will continue to support the process, under the United Nations, for a just and a permanent solution to the problem, on the basis of a bizonal bicommunal federation, with political equality for Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

He said when Turkish Cypriot authorities opened Varosha they violated UN resolutions.

British expertise and cooperation is on the table in a range of areas, from tackling illicit financing to supporting investigative structures for enforcement or dealing with possible sanctions circumvention, he added.

The offer of training from the UK Office for Financial Sanctions Implementation to support Cyprus in setting up a national sanctions authority is an example of the UK’s commitment to closer cooperation, he said.

He also clarified that the UK has no reason to raise any objection to the EU’s more active involvement in the Cyprus problem if the sides agree that this is useful.