More than 2,300 traffic violations were recorded in the last seven days, police said on Sunday.

According to a police statement from Monday May 8 until Sunday morning, a total of 2,331 violations were recorded during traffic checks carried out by the police.

Emphasis is given during these checks to factors that could cause traffic accidents.

More than half of the tickets issued – 1,188 – were for speeding, while 115 were for driving without both hands on the wheel and using a mobile phone while driving.

Meanwhile, 99 people were fined for not wearing a seatbelt, while 29 were charged for not wearing a helmet while on a motorbike, moped or escooter.

A total of 92 drivers were charged after being found drink driving.

Failing to stop at traffic lights and ignoring signs on the road led to 267 charges while 57 were fined for parking violations.

Meanwhile 38 drivers were found without the correct insurance, while 49 were driving cars that did not have a valid MOT, and a further 209 for not having paid road tax.