During his upcoming visit to Berlin, President Nikos Christodoulides will explain in detail to the German Chancellor his proposal about the appointment of an EU envoy on Cyprus, the government said on Tuesday.

The two leaders would also potentially discuss candidates for the proposed position, government spokesman Constantinos Letymbiotis said.

The president already presented an outline of his proposal to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during their meeting on the sidelines of the European Council back in March.

“The day after tomorrow [Thursday], they will discuss this proposal at length, and particularly how the two governments can coordinate actions [on the Cyprus issue] that could be taken in the immediate future,” the spokesman noted.

An exchange of views would take place, “including possibly some names about who could be the EU envoy.”

Asked whether the president’s proposal for an EU envoy has got any traction among European governments, the spokesman said yes.

“They [foreign officials] understand perfectly the benefits of such a proposal. And through this proposal there can come a benefit to Turkey, our Turkish Cypriot compatriots, but also the EU – but mostly Cyprus. So yes, we see a positive response.”

Letymbiotis added that Nicosia is committed to restarting settlement negotiations.

He reiterated that the EU would play an auxiliary role, and that any peace process would remain under United Nations auspices.

Peace talks have been stalled since a 2017 summit held in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

The government hopes it can get the process back on track following elections in Turkey.

Earlier, Nicosia clarified that the appointment of an EU envoy was not a precondition for the resumption of talks.

The president had also explained his proposal to French President Emmanuel Macron during a trip to Paris earlier this month.

It remains unclear whether the EU would in fact appoint an envoy or mediator on conflict resolution. Experts have said this is outside the bloc’s mandate.