Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar again stated that the north is ready for a solution as he attended a ceremony celebrating the release of his book titled Vision for Two States in Cyprus.

He issued a call to President Nikos Christodoulides where he again pressed for a solution based on the cooperation “between two states living side by side”, adding that it will “increase the quality of life on the island”.

Tatar offered that two sovereign states on the island could cooperate in key sectors such as the economy, tourism, agriculture, water resources and energy – adding that water and electricity arriving from Turkey could be shared throughout the island.

In his comments on Monday night, Tatar further stated that the island could be connected to the EU energy grid via a link through Turkey, adding that economic development is directly linked to resolving energy issues.

Addressing Christodoulides, Tatar said: “If we find a solution, we will pave the way for all Cypriots.”

Elsewhere, the Turkish Cypriot leader also stated that during his term there have been developments and new ideas put forward which he hopes will gain the TRNC – as he referred to the north – recognition or at least wider acceptance.

It was also reported that Tatar called on Britain – particularly as a guarantor power and former ruler of the island – to accept the sovereign equality and equal international status of Turkish Cypriots.

He further said that Britain and Cyprus have strong ties and reiterated that there are many Britons living in the north.

Tatar also expressed his regret that he was unable to meet with as many UK officials as he would have liked, reiterating that he was not invited to the Queen’s funeral nor the King’s coronation.