On Friday the weather initially be mainly clear with locally increased clouds expected to bring isolated rains in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains. Light dust will be observed in the atmosphere at times. Winds will be variable and light up to 3 Beaufort gradually turning to moderate up to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be calm to a slightly rough. Temperatures will rise to 30 C inland, 26 C on the south and east coasts, 25 C on the north and west coasts and 21 C in the higher mountains.

Friday night will see increased clouds. Winds will initially be north-westerly to north-easterly, later turning north-easterly to south-easterly, light, up to 3 Beaufort. The sea will remain calm to slightly rough. Temperatures will drop to 16 C in the interior, 17 C on the coasts and 12 C in the higher mountains.

On Saturday and Sunday light, rains are expected, while dust will continue to be observed in the atmosphere. On Monday, local rains and isolated storms are expected, mainly in the mountains. Temperatures will gradually rise through Sunday and drop slightly on Monday, to reach slightly above average for the season.