Limassol police on Tuesday arrested a 25-year-old man for drugs possession while investigating arson charges against him.

According to police, a warrant for arson was initially obtained on the basis of which members of the force arrived at the suspect’s residence at 11.30am to arrest him.

Police found the man and his 23-year-old roommate, and suspicions were raised that they were in possession of illegal drugs.

The residence was searched with the consent of the suspect and his roommate. During the search, police found 41g of cannabis, 13g of cannabis resin, 15g of psilocybin mushrooms, and 13g of a crystalline substance, also believed to be drugs.

In the 23-year-old’s room, 14g of cocaine were found, as well as a precision scale.

The two suspects were arrested for evident offences and, later in the day, the 23-year-old was released, pending further investigations.

The 25-year-old was arrested on a warrant for investigation into drugs possession with intent to supply.

The arson case concerns a vehicle set on fire on December 10 in Limassol and investigation into the two crimes is being carried out in parallel by the drugs squad and Limassol CID.