Two men were arrested in Paphos after they were found with seven kilos of cannabis, police said on Saturday. The arrest turned ugly after one suspect hit out at police officers who had to be hospitalised.

The suspects, aged 35 and 20, were pulled over on Friday after the latter was seen taking five plastic bags out of his car and placing them into the 35-year-old man’s vehicle. They contained seven kilos of cannabis.

When the 35-year-old saw the police officers, he tried to drive off but ended up crashing into two police vehicles and injuring a drug squad officer.

As police tried to arrest him, he attacked them and injured a second drug squad officer.

The younger man tested positive for a narcotest, while 13g of cannabis were found in the 35-year-old man’s home.

Both police officers were sent to Paphos general hospital where they were treated for their injuries. They were released on the same day.

Investigations continue.