So, after some 63 years of the Republic’s independence, the newly elected president of Cyprus with years of political experience under his belt, has suddenly decided that legislation is needed to define who may be employed as government advisors.

During my lengthy professional life in various countries over a number of continents, I cannot recall having to consult any legislation to employ staff to work with, or for me or any clients who sought my help in recruitment.

What I did apply, in abundance, was common sense and the determination that if a particular post was indeed required, then the appointee was suitably qualified and, if needed, experienced to carry out the required duties.

I do not recall having specific training to tell me that anyone of 19 years of age would very, very unlikely have a university degree, but my observations of governments and civil services has taught me that common sense is in extremely short supply.

Brian Lait

Maroni, Larnaca