According to data released by Eurostat, the statistical service of the European Union, 59 per cent of Cypriots aged 25-34 have a tertiary education, which is well above the EU average of 42 per cent.

Like the EU, which saw a 1 per cent increase from last year, Cyprus saw a similar 1 percentage point rise of 58 per cent to 59 per cent.

In Cyprus, as well as in the rest of the EU, more 25–34-year-old women obtained a tertiary education than their male counterparts. In the EU, 48 per cent of women and 37 per cent of men hold a tertiary education, while comparatively, in Cyprus, 67 per cent of women and 51 per cent of men secured the same level of education.

The EU predicts that 45 per cent of its 25–34-year-olds will have a tertiary education in 2030. As of now, the EU, is still 3 percentage points short of its 2030 target. However, almost half of the EU countries have already met the 2030 EU-level goals: Ireland (62 per cent), Luxembourg (61 per cent), Cyprus (59 per cent), Lithuania (58 per cent), the Netherlands (56 per cent), Sweden (52 per cent), Spain and Belgium (both 51 per cent), France (50 per cent), Denmark (49 per cent), Slovenia (47 per cent), Latvia (46 per cent) and Greece (45 per cent). The lowest shares were recorded in Romania (25 per cent), Italy (29 per cent) and Hungary (32 per cent).