Archbishop Georgios said on Sunday he determined not to allow a schism to develop in the Church of Cyprus.

He was asked to comment following the second refusal of Bishop Tychikos of Paphos to participate in a hierarchical congregation and was asked if this refusal was related to the commemoration by the Holy Synod of Bishop Epiphanius of Kiev.

The prelate described Tychikos’ attitude as childish and reminded him that at his ordination as Paphos bishop, Epiphanius of Kiev was also mentioned.

The Archbishop said that this is something that unfortunately seems to be developing into a problem for the Church of Cyprus.

The war in Ukraine has created a split in religious circles in Cyprus.

In 2020 the Holy Synod voted in favour of confirming the recognition of the Ukraine Church but the bishops of Limassol, Tamasos, Morphou, Amathounda and Neapolis – have refused to acknowledge the result of that vote.

Bishop of Tamasos Isaias has denounced the Russian Patriarchate categorically, because it supported the war in Ukraine.

The bishop had been a staunch supporter of Russia, but said that had “blown up after the first bomb hit Ukraine”.