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Turkish Cypriots should do a stint in the Cyprus national guard

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I just wanted to share my opinion on what I think we should do about the Turkish Cypriots and their rights.

First, the Turkish Cypriots don’t care about Cyprus and the Greek Cypriots, only the benefits of having the Cyprus nationality for European advantages which normal Turks don’t have. They continue to call Turkey their motherland but say nothing about Cyprus which has been recognised as Cyprus and not as Turkey by the world since 1960.

Second, the law should be amended as it was for children born to one Cypriot parent who took Cyprus nationality to do the army. Before, if your dad was Cypriot you did the army even if you didn’t have Cyprus nationality. Now it doesn’t matter which parent is Cypriot or half Cypriot, if you have nationality of Cyprus and are in the age bracket you do the army.

Let’s see how the Turkish Cypriots will react to knowing their children will have to serve the army or lose Cyprus nationality for failure to do their duty to the republic of Cyprus.

Alexis Henderson

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