Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar has said that he is pushing for the opening of a new crossing point in the Nicosia village of Mia Milia.

However, he said that this proposal met a stumbling block when the Greek Cypriot side suggested the opening of a crossing point in Kokkina, the Turkish Cypriot exclave between Pomos and Kato Pyrgos.

Tatar poured cold water on the idea of a crossing point in Kokkina, saying that it is not possible to open a crossing point there as it is a “sacred area” and functions as a military base. He added that thus far he had not been able to offer a different alternative.

He said that his initial proposal for crossing points in Nicosia involved opening up the Ledra Palace crossing point to civilian road traffic, but said that the Greek Cypriot side rejected his proposal and that he then offered up the idea of a crossing point in Mia Milia.

“The Mia Milia crossing point would be very productive. Famagusta, Kyrenia, everywhere can be reached by using the ring roads,” he said.

Tatar’s special representative for the Cyprus problem Ergun Olgun’s reaction to the Greek Cypriot side’s suggestion of a crossing point in Kokkina was scathing. He accused them of “putting forward impossible conditions in order to not open new crossing points”.

He later called the idea of a crossing point in Kokkina “a crazy proposition”.

In addition, Olgun said that the Turkish Cypriot side is working on improving the existing crossing points, saying that work is being done to build a new cycle path and footpath to the Ayios Dhometios crossing point, as well as adding more booths and more parking spaces.

Mia Milia is located on the eastern side of northern Nicosia, on the main road between Nicosia and Famagusta. It is connected to the road between Nicosia and Kyrenia via a ring road.