After a slight dip in price following the SEC’s new lawsuits, Stacks’ value has rallied by over 27%, making Stacks one of the most profitable assets in June. This price increase has significantly increased the number of investors buying Stacks and has also attracted the interest of market analysts.

Analysts believe that Stacks could reach $1 if its current momentum continues to build. At the same time, Tradecurve is also gaining momentum and has raised over $3 million during its presale. Here’s why Stacks and Tradecurve are slowly becoming must-haves for investors.

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Stacks rallies despite the market downturn

In June, Stacks increased in value by 16.02%, with a 27% surge over the past two weeks. This increase has been triggered by three main events.

Firstly, the demand for Ordinal NFTs (which are minted on the Stacks blockchain) has grown exponentially. These unique NFTs have a variety of use cases and demand has increased by 500% in June alone, causing the value of Stacks to surge.

Secondly, the Stacks ecosystem is gaining momentum. In May 2023, Stacks announced it will be partnering with the University of Texas to develop a blockchain research center. This has not only solidified Stacks’ reputation but has put the project at the forefront of blockchain development.

Lastly, the general demand for cryptocurrency has increased. With many individuals losing confidence in banks and traditional finance, investors are now diversifying their portfolios and, in the process, buying projects like Stacks, which has continuously made headlines for its recent developments.

tradecurveTradecurve presale hits $3 million

Tradecurve is a new DeFi project that’s become one of the fastest-growing presales in the DeFi space. The project showcases a unique new ecosystem, which includes its star feature, an innovative hybrid exchange. This exchange is unlike anything else in the market.

Built on Ethereum, the Tradecurve exchange lets investors trade DeFi and classic assets anonymously without needing to pass KYC checks. This lets DeFi investors tap into traditional financial markets, trading assets like stocks, CFDs and commodities while using cryptocurrency as collateral.

With many investors now looking for alternative ways to purchase assets, Tradecurve has already proven to be a big hit, raising $3 million during its presale. Furthermore, its native token, TCRV, has increased in price by 80% since its presale started and is now trading at $0.018.

The excitement around Tradecurve tokens is rapidly growing, and token holders will be rewarded with several benefits. These include trading discounts, VIP account upgrades, and subscription discounts.

tradecurveIn addition to its exchange, the Tradecurve ecosystem will include a range of features such as AI and algorithmic trading, copy trading where investors can watch trades made by top traders, and a metaverse trading academy.

All trading on the platform will be covered by negative balance protection, high leverage of 500:1, and fast transaction speeds for a seamless experience.

During its presale, Tradecurve tokens are predicted to increase by 50x in value, with another price increase expected during the first two weeks of July as stage four of the Tradecurve presale begins to quickly sell out.

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