Chillin’ at home, looking for a summer movie to watch? CONSTANTINOS PSILLIDES has you covered with a list of movies to keep you company while you have the AC on blast!

In the Heights

Love him or hate him, Lin Manuel Miranda is Hollywood’s wunderkind and everything he touches turns into gold. The creator of the immensely successful musical Hamilton got his first true break back in 2008 with another musical, In the Heights, a Tony-award-winning stage play about a neighbourhood in New York. In 2021 Disney made a live adaptation, starring Hamilton actor Anthony Ramos. In the Heights, tells the story of struggling Ushavi, a bodega owner who dreams of getting together enough money to open a store back in the Dominican Republic.

Palm Springs

A grossly underappreciated film, Palm Springs tells the story of Nyles (played by Adam Sandberg) and Sarah (Christine Milioti), two guests at a destination wedding stuck in an infinite time-loop. Whenever they die or fall asleep the day resets again and they are forced to live the same events over and over. Hilarious and heartfelt Palm Springs is a refreshing spin on the Groundhog Day movie genre. Did I mention JK Simmons is in it?

Mamma Mia

When making a list of summer movies to watch, this one is definitely up the top. Care-free, joyous music by Abba, a Greek island as a backdrop (the island is called “Kalokairi”, the Greek word for summer), vibrant colours, and endless Mediterranean blue! As summery as you can get. As far as the story goes: Sophie is getting married and wants to invite her dad to her wedding. The problem? She doesn’t know who he is. So, she reads her mother’s diary and invites the three most likely candidates.


Steven Spielberg’s iconic masterpiece, a cinematic milestone about an alien stranded on Earth and one boy’s quest to help him. Flying bikes, glowing fingers, phoning home, John Williams score, a young Drew Barrymore, and a movie that defined a generation!

Dirty Dancing

Just reading the title kickstarts that part in your brain where “Time of my life” is stored and is now playing in your head. To be expected, really. A classic movie, Dirty Dancing tells the story of Frances “Baby” Houseman, a 17-year-old girl who goes on vacation at a luxury resort with her upper-class and uptight family. Free-spirited and rebellious, Frances meets up with dance instructor Johnny Castle, played by a young, energetic Patrick Swayze. Also, no corners.


Ah! A true summer classic, the movie that gave a generation an irrational fear of the ocean and triggered the slaughter of sharks on a global scale. Also, cemented Steven Spielberg’s reputation as a blockbuster director. Jaws tells the story of a great white shark who decided to terrorise a small coastal town. Why does the shark do that? Why does it stay there after the first kill and doesn’t leave, the way sharks are supposed to do? I don’t know. Trying to drive down real-estate prices is my guess.

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Weekend at Bernie’s

A comedy to die for, a summer movie that killed in the box office, despite stiff competition. Ok, I’m out of dead-body jokes. This 1989 zany comedy tells the story of two corporate employees who accidentally uncover a scam in the company and as a reward, they are invited to their boss’s beach-house for holidays. When they get there they find out that someone murdered their boss and is after them. The only way to protect themselves? Pretend that Bernie, their boss, is alive and well and leisurely strolling the streets! A classic black comedy, not watching this movie is a grave mistake. Hey! Turns out I had another one.

Independence Day

Before Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and his career into oblivion, he slapped an alien and welcomed it to Earth. Another blockbuster summer classic, Independence Day tells the story of an alien invasion and how it was thwarted by the Americans, Data from Star Trek and the amazing compatibility of Apple computers with all devices.

Little Miss Sunshine

A 2006 road movie, Little Miss Sunshine tells the story of a dysfunctional family that goes on a road trip to get the family’s young daughter to a pre-teen beauty pageant. A thoroughly enjoyable movie, politically incorrect, and with the best use of Rick James “Superfreak” to date. You will love this heartfelt, over-the-top movie, and is perfect for a night in.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Just by virtue of the title, this movie needs to be on this list. One of the movies that revitalised the slasher genre, I Know What You Did Last Summer tells the story of four friends who accidentally ran over a man while driving to the beach. Not wanting to ruin their lives they agree to dump the body in the water and never tell anyone about what happened. One year after that, the four friends are stalked by a hooded figure with a hook in hand, who knows their secret.