Workers at Larnaca port went on an impromptu strike on Tuesday, to the annoyance of management company Kition Ocean Port Ltd and the Employers and Industrialists Federation (Oev).

“On the occasion of the spontaneous two-hour work stoppage of the signallers at the port of Larnaca, in which port workers also participated, the company expresses its regret for the obstruction of the port’s operations and the blow they cause both to the port and to the local economy. The arbitrary and capricious behaviour of a group of professionals affected the unloading of three ships carrying gypsum, iron, and grain,” Kition Ocean Port said.

It added it was “unpleasantly surprised” by the stoppage considering the company had met the demands of the workers who are in the process of seeking collective labour agreements and were prepared to sign an agreement.

Oev also condemned the work stoppage carried out at the port for the second day in a row.

“These workers have chosen to unnecessarily paralyse the port of Larnaca, affecting the smooth and timely service of a significant number of ships in violation of the Industrial Relations Code and while both sides are [discussing] before the ministry of labour,” Oev said.

“Basic products, raw materials and grains are affected by the work stoppage, which should be channelled to the market immediately,” it added.

In the announcement it is also noted that the situation with unjustified strikes carried out in violation of labour institutions and procedures must end.

“Oev has repeatedly pointed out that the manifestation of such behaviours is possible due to the absence of a regulatory framework for the resolution of labour disputes in essential services,” the federation said.