For over five years now vehicle crime is still ongoing in Paphos.

The Paphos police and Paphos mayor have all been made aware of this ongoing situation.

Highly organised crime gangs constantly demand money after damaging people’s vehicles.

Wind screen wipers are ripped off cars and replaced with the gangs’ own blades. Refusal to pay these gangs usually leads to damage to your own vehicle.

Last week I was targeted by this gang. I asked them not to touch my car. I was then spat at.

The gang then quickly left the car park, only to move onto other supermarket car parks all over Paphos.

Reports from distressed and angry victims soon reached social media.

Supermarket staff assured me that they are constantly requesting help from the police. But, unfortunately, the police do nothing.

Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos stated that this was a police matter. I mentioned to the mayor that the police seemed to do nothing about this, but the mayor said he could do nothing.

People are constantly suffering from these vile gangs, due to the lack of their involvement.

To constantly dismiss and neglect these older and vulnerable people is disgusting and shameful.

Name and address withheld