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Cyprus is hot in August, but not unseasonably so

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I was astonished to see the headline ‘Record heat’ in your 13/8/2023 edition. I live in Limassol and I can assure you the temperature has never been close to 40°C here this summer. In fact, two summers ago we had a real heatwave with temperatures above 40°C for days in a row. Yes, Cyprus is hot in August, but it has not been unseasonably hot this year.

I am almost driven to conjecture that some powerful group has issued a diktat to the media worldwide to whip up panic about a supposed climate calamity, because this is just what the media everywhere is doing regardless of whether it bears any relation to the observable facts. I wonder if the majority are taken in. It would be a good idea to remember the parable of the boy who cried wolf.

Tim Drayton, Limassol

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