Hotel workers union on Friday demanded an amendment to the industry’s wages decree so the indexation allowance be calculated automatically.

Syxka-Peo union issued a statement welcoming the decree incorporating the indexation allowance into the minimum wages offered to hotel industry workers.

The move, albeit a year and a half late, “corrects an injustice that affects a specific category of workers,” the union said.

The announcement attributed the decision to the pressure the union exerted on the labour ministry, adding that they raised this issue during a meeting with the labour minister on June 1.

But, “the decree should be amended so that the respective indexation is automatically made on the basis of the CoLa agreement,” the union said.

They added that “the struggle continues for the extension and expansion of the Collective Agreement to all employees as provided for in the relevant EU directive”.

This will help bring more people into the industry, which is facing a serious understaffing issue.

Only in this way, it is stated, “will the segregation of workers into many categories be stopped and the profession of hotel worker be made attractive to locals, to young people who are increasingly leaving the tourism industry as they have no incentive to stay”.

The statement came a day after a labour ministry decree raised monthly salaries for certain professions in the hotel industry.

The increases range between €62 and €77.

The revised minimum wages for these professions take effect immediately, with retroactive force as of June 1 of this year.

The new decree replaces the decree that had been in force since January 2020.

As an example, bellhops with up to six months’ service will see their minimum wage go up from €870 to €932.

Pool attendants will see their salary rise from €960 to €1,029.

Hotel maids will get a pay rise from €970 to €1,039.