The electricity supply of the north’s public broadcaster Bayrak and the Hala Sultan Mosque in Mia Milia were cut off on Monday, according to the north’s electricity authority (Kib-Tek) employees’ union (El-Sen) general secretary Ahmet Tugcu.

Tugcu said the electricity had been cut over unpaid bills and debts owed to Kib-Tek.

“El-Sen will continue to cut the power off [from institutions] for every day wherein electricity debts are not repaid and payments to Kib-Tek are not made,” he said.

Kib-Tek’s general manager Dalman Aydin confirmed that the electricity had been cut to Bayrak but disagreed with the method used.

“I don’t find it right to stop this service all of a sudden. At the very least, we have to collect this money by giving a warning and giving Bayrak the opportunity to pay.”

He added that he had received no information regarding the situation at the Hala Sultan Mosque.

Aydin also said the north’s ‘finance ministry’ owes a debt to Kib-Tek, adding “from time to time, there are disruptions and delays between two state institutions”.

Bayrak is still on air as it has its own generator.