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Hoskinson says Cardano will surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum, but can it catch up to Borroe?


The crypto world came alive in August 2023 after co-founder of Cardano ($ADA), Charles Hoskinson, said the token will surpass Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) to become the best cryptocurrency in the world. While experts doubt this assertion, investors are moving to more reliable tokens like Borroe ($ROE). Borroe ($ROE) raised $250,000 in five days and is currently in its first presale stage. Let’s review the recent events in the crypto industry.    


Experts reject Cardano’s ($ADA) founder prediction

On August 24, 2023, Charles Hoskinson spoke at the Rare Evo Conference and said Cardano ($ADA) would probably become the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. 

However, experts like Evan Van Ness (a member of ConsenSys) disagree. Evan said Cardano ($ADA) is a zombie chain, and a new token like Base has more TVL than Cardano ($ADA).  

Cardano ($ADA) lost 0.95% in the fourth week of August. On August 20, Cardano ($ADA) traded at $0.2659. 

On a more positive note, analysts noted that Cardano ($ADA) recorded massive ecosystem developments in the last few months and may record a massive surge when the bull cycle returns.

Bitcoin ($BTC) goes bearish late August 2023

Data from the US SEC recently revealed that renowned asset management company Blackrock is now the second-largest shareholder in four top Bitcoin ($BTC) mining companies. Experts say Blackrock’s increasing interest in Bitcoin ($BTC) is a confirmation of Bitcoin’s ($BTC) future potential.

The general crypto market crash in August 2023 affected Bitcoin ($BTC), and the token went bearish. On August 15, Bitcoin ($BTC) traded at $29,308. Bitcoin ($BTC) lost 11.64% in less than two weeks.

Analysts believe Bitcoin ($BTC) will lead the market rally when the bull cycle returns.  

Fenix International (the parent co

Ethereum ($ETH) welcomes new institutional investor

mpany of OnlyFans) recently purchased Ethereum ($ETH) tokens worth $19.89 million. This Ethereum ($ETH) investment is part of a broader goal to diversify the company’s portfolio and create a more secure and transparent platform for its users through Ethereum ($ETH) blockchain technology.

Like most top altcoins, Ethereum ($ETH) is recovering from the general market crash in August 2023. Ethereum ($ETH) traded at $1,675 on August 20 and lost 1.48% within a week. 

According to analysts, Ethereum ($ETH) may range between $1,600 and $1,800 for the rest of Q3 2023.

Borroe ($ROE) emerges as the best performing Crypto in Q3 2023

Borroe ($ROE) is an AI-powered fundraising marketplace built to drive development in the blockchain industry. On Borroe ($ROE), users can mint their future earnings into trending NFTs and sell them at discounted prices. Borroe ($ROE) is selling for $0.0125 in its first presale stage, and the platform has sold over 50 million tokens already.   

According to analysts, Borroe ($ROE) is set to deliver a higher ROI to investors than Cardano ($ADA), Bitcoin ($BTC), or Ethereum ($ETH) in the coming weeks. After the presale stages, Borroe ($ROE) will sell for $0.0400 in the crypto market, creating a massive price surge. 

As a result, investors say Borroe ($ROE) is the best crypto buy in Q3 2023!

Learn more about Borroe ($ROE) here:

Visit Borroe Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Borroe on Twitter 



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