Cyprus’ foreign ministry on Monday raised the Israeli flag outside its building as a show of solidarity after the neighbouring country suffered a major attack from Hamas.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the foreign ministry said “the Israeli flag flies high in front of the ministry of foreign affairs in Nicosia. We stand against terrorism.”

It added Cyprus stands “in solidarity with our close strategic partner Israel.”

Hamas militants on Saturday attacked Israel in one of the most shocking and surprising attacks in years.

Images of Hamas killing and capturing scores of Israelis have been widely shared across social media, as Israel has called this an all-out war. Retaliation from Israel has meant the heaviest bombardment of Gaza to date, with over 400 killed.

Cyprus’ foreign ministry has warned against travel to Israel and Palestine, while many Cypriots who were in Israel, many of which were visiting holy sites, had returned to the island or were making preparations to do so.