A 41-year-old man wanted in connection with the stabbing of a second man, aged 25, was arrested on Sunday.

Police said the man was injured in an attack on June 30 in Nicosia.

Cases of assault, causing grievous bodily harm, carrying a weapon to threaten, carrying a knife, and affray are being investigated against the older man.

Since June police have three times issued his photograph and appealed for information relating to his whereabouts.

He was arrested after a warrant was issued.

According to police inquiries, the attack happened in the afternoon of Friday, June 30 when three people attacked the 25-year-old while he was in a Nicosia venue.

One of the three attackers injured the man with a knife in the chest.

He was taken to Nicosia general hospital for treatment before being released.

One of the three suspects – aged 21 – was arrested on July 1.

On August 22, the second suspect – also aged 25 – was arrested.

A trial before the court for these two men has already been filed by police.