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Cypriot agricultural products label bill ready soon

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A bill for the establishment of a Cypriot label on agricultural products is in the final stages of legislative processing at the Legal Service, announced Agriculture Minister Petros Xenophontos on Sunday.

Addressing the Local and Traditional Products Festival in Farmaka, the minister explained that the proposed legislation will provide an additional boost to rural Cyprus.

A Cypriot label will reflect the origin of the products and will distinguish them in the market, linking them more strongly to their local roots and the domestic raw materials used in their production.

He noted that the agricultural sector in Cyprus currently faces numerous challenges but highlighted that the government consistently stands by the side of farmers, livestock breeders, and agricultural product processors.

Xenophontos noted how the ministry has been tirelessly working towards rural population revitalisation, ensuring fair income for producers, food quality assurance, and support for the rejuvenation of the agricultural sector.

He also emphasised that a non-negotiable government goal is to enhance the competitiveness of the primary sector, processing, and utilization of agricultural products by the producers themselves.

Furthermore, he mentioned how, over the past few years, the agriculture ministry has provided substantial support to secure the protection of as many traditional product designations associated with the place of origin as possible within the European Union’s Geographical Indications system.

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