The European Digital Innovation Hub in Cyprus (DiGiNN) was officially inaugurated on Wednesday at The Cyprus Institute’s premises, according to an announcement released on Thursday.

Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Philippos Hadjizacharias also attended the event.

DiGiNN, endorsed by the European Commission, represents a strategic partnership between leading digital technology experts, national industry associations, and key Cypriot organisations in high technology, research, and entrepreneurship.

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Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Philippos Hadjizacharias (middle); Stavros Malas (right)

These include the CYENS Centre of Excellence, KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Keve), and PwC Cyprus, all under the coordination of The Cyprus Institute.

The primary objective of the Digital Innovation Hub is to expedite the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the public sector while also promoting digital literacy.

In his welcoming address, Stavros Malas, the President of The Cyprus Institute, underscored the significance of establishing the first European Digital Innovation Hub in Cyprus.

He referred to digital transformation as a “revolution” and emphasised the institute’s commitment to contributing to Cyprus’s economic growth and competitiveness.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Philippos Hadjizacharias highlighted how the Digital Innovation Hub will align with the National Digital Strategy’s core aspects.

These aspects include digital transformation, training and up-skilling, and utilising funds for digital enhancements, as part of the Digital Upgrading Plan of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry.

Vassilis Tsakalos, the project coordinator, provided insights into the European Digital Innovation Hub’s significance and its role in elevating Cyprus’s digital maturity.

In addition, he emphasised how DiGiNN will assist Cypriot businesses in achieving resilience and sustainability in the digital age.

Helena Rodrigues, the European Commission Project Officer, extended her well wishes to DiGiNN on behalf of the European Commission.

She outlined the objectives and expectations for the Digital Europe Initiative, reaffirming the European Commission’s support for this pivotal endeavour.