An external expert will be appointed to implement a deal on determining the formula for calculating the cost of milk production for halloumi, Agriculture Minister Petros Xenofontos said on Monday.

The announcement came after the minister held a meeting with the cheesemaker’s association, chamber of commerce reps, commerce ministry staffers, as well as sheep and goat farmers.

Xenofontos stressed the ministry’s goal is to ensure the registration of the name ‘halloumi / hellim’ PDO is preserved, noting the need for cooperation from all involved, with the aim of the common interest of the country’s economy.

According to the agriculture ministry announcement, the parties all discussed how to clampdown on  imitation products.

The external expert will be appointed to implement a decision taken in July 2022 over halloumi’s PDO and will be tasked to establish the formula for the cost of production of milk.

Xenophontos will also be carrying out a series of meetings over the next few days.