Hellenic Bank employees on Monday carried out a three-hour work stoppage starting from 3pm aimed at forcing management to respect collective agreements and labour institutions.

The strike was organised by the bank worker’s union (Etyk).

Earlier in the day, the chamber of commerce (Keve) and the employers’ federation (OEV) claimed the strike violated labour laws and called on Etyk to cancel it.

“The general secretariat of Etyk congratulates all colleagues for their exemplary response and participation in this just struggle, which both the leadership and members are united in, striving for the restoration of justice,” the union said in a statement after the start of the strike.

“We hope that Hellenic Bank will reconsider its position, leading to the resolution of the long-standing issues that have been affecting colleagues, avoiding further damaging confrontations.”

Etyk called on Hellenic Bank “to uphold existing agreements and comply with the decisions of the labour ministry”.

The union also requested “the recognition and advancement, along with equitable compensation, of the hundreds of colleagues who have been performing upgraded duties successfully for the past ten years”.