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Energising your workspace for success

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In Ancient Greek philosophy Arete is the pursuit of excellence, fulfilling one’s potential to achieve the best in every aspect of life. Similarly, by unlocking the power of Feng Shui, we can not only elevate our workspace energy but also align with the Greek ideal of reaching our highest capabilities.

Feng Shui’s timeless practice of energy alignment offers practical principles that can instantly add harmony to your workplace. But the magic doesn’t stop there – as your surroundings become more harmonious, the positive energy resonates throughout various facets of your life, including work performance, relationships and even those seemingly mundane moments of waiting in the supermarket queue.

Imagine your office as more than just a workspace, but as a host to the energies of harmony and inspiration. In this way, your desk becomes a portal to productivity, and your surroundings are charged with the dynamic forces of Feng Shui.


A blend of ancient wisdom and modern application

Strategically placed ornaments, balanced lighting, harmonious patterns and elements, and carefully chosen colours combine to create a harmonious atmosphere. You can easily apply these principles to your office space, particularly through the incorporation of pleasing artwork that embodies the fundamental elements of water, air, earth, metal and fire.


The connection between Feng Shui and your desk

Your desk, the place where you likely spend a significant portion of your day, holds the key to enhancing your productivity and well-being through Feng Shui.

Clutter free: Addressing the placement of items on your desk is one of the easiest ways to practice Feng Shui. A clutter-free desk not only fosters organisation but also encourages the flow of positive chi. It reflects a clear and focused mind, which can lead to increased productivity.

Adequate storage: Promote positive energy by having ample storage space such as cupboards and drawers. Keep your desk uncluttered by storing and sharing documents digitally.

Incorporate plants: Plants and flowers, which enhance the ‘wood’ element of Feng Shui, are excellent additions to your workspace. Apart from the potential Feng Shui benefits, plants have been shown to improve air quality and boost productivity, by as much as 15 per cent.

Wooden desks: Using a wooded desk can also enhance health and well-being. Natural-looking wooden surfaces can have similar physiological and psychological benefits to spending time in nature. These benefits include increased productivity, concentration, clarity, confidence and optimism.

Desk placement: The placement of desks in an office can influence the flow of positive chi. Desks should ideally be arranged so that everyone can see the entrance, promoting a sense of security and openness.


Using the Bagua map

The Bagua map is a fundamental tool in Feng Shui that divides a space into nine sections, each representing a different aspect of life. The workspace can be optimised using the Bagua map:

Wealth: Place your laptop, computer screen, or a well-cared-for plant in the top left corner of your desk to attract wealth.

Fame and reputation: Keep items that motivate you and business-related materials at the back and centre of your desk.

Creativity: The right-centre area is ideal for objects that inspire you and promote creativity.

Knowledge and wisdom: Store reference books and essential documents in the bottom centre of your desk.

Helpful people: Keep your phone and contact information in the front right section of your desk to attract helpful connections.


Consider the power of colour

Colour plays a significant role in creating the energetic feel of your office space. It’s essential to select colours carefully. For instance, reds and hot purples, representing fire energy, can be used to energise an office space. Choose colours that resonate with your intentions and goals.


Create a balanced and harmonious workspace

From my personal experience and practice, I find that keeping my drawers uncluttered and organised, and having what I need nearby, saves time wandering around looking for things.


Patricia Lohan’s insights

Patricia Lohan, author of Feng Shui for Female Entrepreneurs, emphasises the importance of decluttering. A cluttered workspace can increase stress, hinder focus, and waste time. To create a harmonious and productive environment, it’s crucial to clear out unnecessary items and create space for new opportunities.


A call to action

Ultimately, Feng Shui principles can help create a workspace that boosts productivity, encourages focus and contributes to a harmonious and balanced work environment. Whether you fully embrace Feng Shui or not, the benefits of a clean, organised, and well-designed workspace are undeniable, leading to a clearer mind and enhanced work performance.


So, take a cue from Feng Shui and the concept of arete. Create a desk that aligns with your goals, promotes well-being, and boosts your productivity. Let the blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices guide you towards a harmonious and mindful approach to work and life


Freda Yannitsas is a committed Mindfulness Advocate and Feng Shui Strategist, merging the insights of ancient Greek philosophers and Eastern traditions. She provides a harmonious blend of remedies and practices, guiding people towards wise and mindful living while activating positive energies in their living spaces.

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