The trial for eight individuals believed to be involved in violent clashes in Chlorakas has been scheduled for December 19.

The incidents took place late in August, when violent clashes erupted after an ‘anti-ghettoisation’ protest in the village.

At some point, according to police, people taking part in the protest splintered into smaller groups within the area and started to attack migrants and damage properties.

The Paphos district court on Tuesday adjourned the case as most of the suspects are applying for legal aid and, consequently, have to provide full details.

On December 19, the eight suspects are expected to respond to the charges they face.

However, six other individuals also linked to the incidents will need to appear in court on March 6.

They have signed a bond of €15,000 and are obliged to appear three times a month at the central police station.

The offences most of the accused individuals face are related to rioting and illegal possession of offensive weapons.

The Paphos district court has already imposed penalties on two other individuals for their involvement in the Chlorakas incidents.

A fine of €600 was imposed on a 19-year-old, while a 23-year-old was also fined €600 and sentenced to six months of imprisonment with a three-year suspension.